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Dominique Daigle is an author, app owner, and philanthropist. However her most important role is motherhood.  She has three children, Donald III, Dominick, and Demi Jolie.

She is the author of “The Many Adventures of Donald’, a book series that reflects her son’s journey as he navigates through childhood. The first book entitled, “My Face”, shares her son’s discovery of diversity and the realization that although the color of his skin maybe different, yet we are all the same.  “I Think I Met A Super Hero “, the second book, was written out of admiration and dedication to all fathers who have to balance family life and work.

The third book, “He Likes To Do What I Do”, is a fun book that illustrates the playfulness of children and their interaction with one another.  “Grannysue Loves Me”, was born out of love for her mother and all grandparents because they are usually the foundation of every family providing a nurturing, caring, and loving spirit.

In addition, Dominique has supported many foundations that were established to help inner-city and low-income youth to make positive life-changing decisions while she’s in the process of her own.  She has previously offered scholarship opportunities and assistance during the Holiday season as well as hosting annual cheerleading camps for girls all over.

Dominique’s overall vision is to bring the “Many Adventures of Donald” to life by pursuing an animation project that depicts life events of all children while incorporating fiction and non-fictional elements using television and film. She is also working on other writing projects that empowers young girls as well as creating more books for TheManyAdventuresOfDonald.com series.

As a result of her notoriety and overwhelming response internationally, she has translated the books, in French, Spanish and Mandarin which released in September 2016.

‘If The Sky Is The Limit, Then I Want To Touch Outer Space” She says.

Ms. Dominique Daigle


Meet The Momprenuer

Dominique Daigle is not only an author, but is also a power house business owner with an online store and a blog. This super mom also runs a foundation Mrs.PennOHF.org to support underprivileged kids in inner city communities.


hear from a few mom’s of our little readers

  • Okay so I am thinking about Zhada, I miss her so much , she is growing fast & ready for school, I wonder how she will do , my concern her being mixed 🙂 I know that is no longer uncommon , but still concerned. So I start to read & finished "My Face" By Dominique Penn It really put me at ease 🙂 A must read for all children & I guess adults too I really enjoyed it ... GOD is good sending comfort in his way

    Tara Hill Grandmother to Zhada
  • We just got our copy of 'My Face' The Many Adventures of Donald and Jalen can't get enough! Great job Hun! Anybody with kids needs to get a copy, the book has a great message!

    Janelle Winslow Mom to Jalen

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